About Us

Thinking or reading yourself outside of the box of traditional Christianity can land you in some pretty foreign space. Usually, you either find yourself within a traditional congregation filled with people you can no longer have deep, meaningful conversations with or you find yourself outside of congregational life altogether. The Canadian Centre for Progressive Christianity is a place where people who have experienced the isolation resulting from their spiritual growth or faith development can connect with others who have had similar experiences yet continue on the quest for meaning.

If you are currently working toward creating a progressive congregation or helping a formerly traditional one move in that direction, we need to know what has worked for you. And, we hope that the ideas shared elsewhere on this site, will help you with your work.

This is our Statement of Purpose. It defines what we do as a virtual Centre. The Canadian Centre for Progressive Christianity exists to:

• provide a national network for the promotion of Progressive Christianity;

• provide support for individuals and organizations in the exploration and
…development of:

  • spiritual thought relevant to contemporary needs
  • spiritual principles/values meaningful to contemporary humanity
  • spiritual resources for worship and nurture inspiring to contemporary seekers;
  • provide mutual encouragement and fellowship to those engaged
    in this endeavour.