Famous Christian places in Canada

About 67.3% of the total Canadian population is Christian. 39% Roman Catholic and 28.3% belong to other Christian groups. The main aspect of Canada that is solely related to religion is that the state has no official religion. It also means that the religious freedom is something that is highly regarded in Canada. As well as, Canadians are free to choose how to dedicate time to pleasure. This includes different types of entertainment, gambling is one of them. Therefore – doesn’t matter where are you from – you may have some fun coming over source with such activities on ValleyGames, with the help of which you will select the best online casino for you.

Religious discrimination is a culpable offense and therefore it is not seen as a good gesture in Canada. The political parties in Canada also ask for votes by making religious freedom a main part of their charter. It also means that the political structure of the country is such that it grants every citizen a right to practice whatever he likes. However, the political structure of Canada does not bar the religious groups from visiting the country. Canada is one of the best places for Christians to make sure that they get to know the Christian places that exist there. There are hundreds of Christian religious sites in Canada. Some of the sites are as follows:

Martyr’s Shrine

Though located in Ontario it is regarded as one of the national shrines of Quebec. It has been built to honor those martyrs that have laid down their lives 350 years ago for preaching Christianity in the region. The vast complex can accommodate the largest groups as well. The groups’ tours can contact the management before time to make sure that they get all the necessary facilities. It has been a site of Christian religious honor and therefore visited by millions from all over the world. The church, gardens, and hall in the shrine are the most visited sections and therefore they are the ones recommended.

Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal

This Goth style church was built in between 1824 to 1843 and has been regarded a lot by indigenous Christians. Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal is regarded as the most visited religious site in Canada. At the peak hours, about 2500 people visit this place per day. The overall feel and look of the church are superb and it is maintained in the same manner. There have been a lot of inner shrines that can be visited to get the religious harmony. The groups can schedule tours but it should be done beforehand to avoid any inconvenience. The two main types of tours that can be scheduled are 60 minutes and 90 minutes depending on the size of group and time it wants to spend.

Shrine of Saint-Anne-de-Beaupre

It is also regarded as one of the most visited sites of Christianity and therefore it is always full of tourists. For over 350 years now this shrine has attracted people from all over the world and therefore it has a fascinating ambiance that lures in all the visitors. It is dedicated to the grand mother of Jesus and therefore holds a significant importance. The best part about this site is that it can also be visited using the audio guides. These guides are available at the reception. In 4 different languages, these audio guides surely prove to be handy.

A New Way of Looking at Canadian Churches

How about a church converted to a brewery or a wedding hall?

It may sound surprising, but Canadian churches are selling like hot cakes in the real estate market. There are many reasons that have prompted the phenomenon including decreasing congregations and coming of the mega churches. But most important is the rising demand for real estate in the urban centers of the country. From religious to secular, the buildings are being given a new identity and makeover by the business owners. Church converting is not the only one quickly developing field in Canada. It includes also gambling industry. Nowadays a lot of credible gaming sources like online review directories or others become online-oriented, that is why you can easily find the detailed listing of best gaming activities.

There are many interesting examples out there. A church in Sherbrooke has been converted to a rock climbing gym while a few others have been transformed into restaurants. Marly Anderson from Victoria-by-the-Sea in Prince Edward Island roped in the federal and provincial government in her initiative of converting a church into a wedding venue.

She received funding from the government for the project and renovated the church which was sitting empty for 12 years. With an investment of $140,000, The Grand Victorian was opened retaining the look of the church from outside. But inside it was completely changed and now the altar serves as the bar during weddings!

Silversmith Brewing Co. in Virgil, Ontario operates out of a 1890s Anglican Church and is another fine example of the religious real estate industry. Owner Chris Pontsioen bought the 1,800-square- foot church for $500,000 in 2012 after a long negotiation with the owner. The building had stopped being used as a church for around 50 years and an antique shop was setup keeping the original looks. Pontsioen and his friends were apprehensive about backlash from the neighboring community but to their relief, the encountered none. Most people find the idea amusing, said Mr. Pontsioen. He believed that transforming and preserving the church was more acceptable to the population than tearing it down.

Realtors Leonardo Di Francesco and Rav Rampuri have developed their business around selling churches. In 20 years they have finalized more than 100 deals involving churches. Operating in the Vancouver area, they get numerous calls from realtors and appraisers. But they are not able to entertain everyone as there is a lack of churches ready for sale.

Sometimes regulations play the spoilsport by limiting the sale. One of such challenges faced by the duo involved a church located in North Burnaby with a value of $8.8 million. They could not make any deal with it because the P1 zoning of the church did not allow for conversion. A process of rezoning can be initiated, but it takes many years for it making it impractical.

There is a big market for houses of worship on the market right now but not everyone is lucky enough to find a deal!