Relationships between Canadian Church and LGBT

Homosexual relations are strictly prohibited in Christianity and there is no room for such people in the religion other than they become straight. The LGBT groups in Canada do not think the same way and therefore if they are strongly opposing the conference which is being held this summer. The event has been highly publicized and LGBT groups are highly opposing the gathering. The church on the other hand is time and again saying that the intentions of it are misunderstood by such groups.

The bone of contention between both the parties is the ex-gay speakers which are invited to the conference. The LGBT groups urge the church to cancel their invitations so that homophobic thought is not instilled in the minds of the members of their community. Both the speakers are from Ohio and the missionaries which are associated with these speakers are “Coming Out”. He speakers back in Ohio are also known for the speaker therapies which are thought to be disintegrating the idea of homosexuality. This is called a complete therapy and as per these speakers they have been cured and cure others which this therapy. The LGBT groups are highly influenced by this idea and they want to get rid of this problem.

LGBT Halifax

The Halifax LGBT group is also demanding the church that this problem should never ever come to the church. The praying away the gay which is the initiative of these speakers is highly opposed by the community. They are of the view that the sexual orientation is their own free choice and no one is ever allowed to change it by force. The group is of the view that the members of their community will have negative thoughts about the minds about their group. The LGBT group is also of the view that these speakers will let the LBGT community feeling shame.

The church response

The Church is of the view that it is the media that has misunderstood the story. It has been misinterpreted. The speakers are coming to the conference without a shadow of the doubt but it is not what the LGBT groups think. These speakers will not be speaking about the sexual orientation nor will they be praying away the gays. The stories are thought associated to the speakers but this is not the case of their invitation here. The “Coming Out” ministries have always taught the church to love and respect the LGBT community and the speakers are coming here to preach the same.

What’s the verdict

The church should definitely call the pastors for the sermon which is scheduled as per the church supporters. If the sermon is canceled then this will not only become the talk of the day but such incidents will also happen in future and the people will think that the church is under pressure of the LGBT community and can make them do anything. Calling from the darkness to the light is what this conference is all about and therefore it is highly advised not to cancel the speakers or disinvite them at all.